Right now, your baby is living in the most serene and wonderful environment imaginable. Warm, soft, dark, muffled sounds, delicate tastes; floating in pure relaxation. No-one to disturb, protected, loved, safe. BirthSkills childbirth preparation and education is for Mums and Dads who would like to make their baby’s Birth-Day a gentle, welcoming transition from the womb to the world. You will learn skills and techniques that will help you to feel calm and in control during labour and birth. Partners will know what is happening inside your body and how to help during each stage of the birthing process. Your baby will be born into a gentle and loving environment, received by calm, confident, welcoming arms.
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Through this process I was able to overcome my fears…
Hi Shari, I just wanted to write to you to say thank you for all your help during my debrief session. I got so much out of speaking to you. It sparked conversation between myself and my husband and he opened up about negative feelings and thoughts he held from my previous birth. After speaking to you I was able to see my previous birth from a different perspective and to make peace with that experience. It prepared me to fully trust my body to birth naturally whilst preparing myself with coping skills in case things veered off the natural path. My daughter was born after a 3.5 hour water birth. My husband and a student midwife were an immense support so much so that my midwife stayed in the background. There was little to no intervention (not even an internal examination as we trusted that my labour was well established and progressing), no tears and most importantly below average blood loss. Your mind body track came on my ipod during transition when I needed something to ground me and refocus and your words did just that. I was able to regroup and find the strength to continue. 3 contractions later our daughter was born. I can’t thank you enough for your help during what was a dark period during my pregnancy. I do not doubt that through this process I was able to overcome my fears and find trust in myself which allowed me to have the birth experience I wanted and needed. It has resulted in me being calm and prepared to face motherhood as well as my baby girl being a calm and content soul as she had such a gentle entrance in to the world. Thanks again. Sara
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