I am really glad that we did your course, I believe the relaxation & breathing techniques really helped – one midwife even said that we restored her faith in natural childbirth!

The BirthSkills Childbirth Preparation and Education Program is holistic, realistic and supportive.
Shari’s BirthSkills course was fantastic. It focused on self-hypnosis, relaxation, and affirmations for an empowered birth. There was also a lot of information explaining the whole process and explaining how to remain in control and relaxed at each stage.

It is unlike other independent childbirth programs in offering a variety of tools and techniques for you to practice and choose from. The techniques do not rely on you achieving ‘hypnotic trance’ during labour and are easily tailored to suit your needs and preferences. Read more about the techniques and using mind/body communication for childbirth here.

The program provides a holistic approach with a range of techniques to try and choose from:
  • Awareness – Beliefs, The Fear/Tension/Pain Syndrome, The Fight or Flight Response, How Fear Affects Labour, How the uterus works, Working with Your Uterus During Labour, Hormonal Activity During Labour, Working with your hormones during labour.
  • Trust – Developing Trust Through Focus, Trust and Hypnosis/Deep Relaxation, Managing Pain During Birthing, Using Mind/Body Communication for the Management of Pain, How to achieve Self-hypnosis, Breath awareness, guided meditation.
  • Work – Breathing Techniques, Basic Physical Relaxation Techniques, Partner’s Tool-Kit, Pre-Natal Bonding, Imagery and Visualisation, Massage, Affirmations, Physical Relaxation, Deepening Techniques, Your Birthing Body, Distraction Practice.
  • Choices – Birth Choices Worksheet, Choosing a Comfortable Position for Efficient Labour and Birthing, Information relating to Choices and Possible Experiences. Expectations, Intentions, preparing for your own unique and positive birthing experience.
  • Welcome – Birth Plans and Preferences, Welcome – The Four Stages of Labour. Early parenting (The fourth trimester, the 5 S’s, trouble-shooting, postnatal depression/anxiety)
  • Empowerment Through Natural Therapies, Yoga, and nutrition.

Join the online program here  (covers all of the above topic areas, downloads, videos, ebook and audio) or find out more

BirthSkills ® is a comprehensive independent childbirth education program created by Dr Shari Read, an Australian psychotherapist, yoga & meditation teacher specialising in preconception, pregnancy & postnatal care. BirthSkills® is a philosophy and an approach to birth and, as a program, has been available in Australia since its inception in 2003. Techniques embodied in the BirthSkills Program aim to create calm, confident welcoming birth.

The BirthSkills Program draws upon current research in the fields of mind/body medicine and birth as well as using a foundation of knowledge from childbirth education pioneers such as Dr Grantly Dick-Read and Marie Mongan. Combining best practice childbirth education with the use of evidence-based mind/body techniques, such as meditation, CBT and the full spectrum of active birth techniques. These elements are shared with pregnant women and their birth partners in the context of a workshop setting or private sessions. It is in this setting, the BirthSkills Practitioner seeks to normalise and demystify the process of birth; share strategies to create a calm atmosphere during labour and work through tried and true active birth techniques.

BirthSkills® as founded by Dr Shari Read has grown to become a program that is shared by a small team of certified practitioners with birthing women across Australia. BirthSkills Practitioners are women who come together to share their commitment to empowering birthing women through education and professional support.Practitioners have diverse backgrounds in fields associated with the provision of quality care to pregnant women including midwives, childbirth educators, naturopaths, yoga teachers, and psychotherapists.

BirthSkills Practitioners are proud to provide tailored birth preparation classes that are designed to suit your individual needs and desired birth outcomes. To find out more about workshops or other sessions
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Private sessions, with your partner, in your own home (or location of choice). Evening and weekend group or individual sessions available.