We both want to sincerely thank you for teaching us the skills to allow us to have the most wonderful birthing experience we could have imagined. We would recommend your course to anyone.
Trent & Lizzie

BirthSkills ® is a comprehensive independent childbirth education program created by Dr Shari Read, an Australian psychotherapist, yoga therapist & meditation teacher (with qualifications in nutrition, massage & integrated medicine) specialising in preconception, pregnancy & postnatal care.

Combining best practice childbirth education with the use of evidence-based mind/body techniques, such as meditation, CBT and the full spectrum of active birth techniques, this online childbirth preparation course will guide you through education around the labour process, the anatomy & physiology of birth, breathing, relaxation and a full range of techniques to enable you to work with your body as your calmly birth your baby.
The online course includes electronic copies of the book, BirthSkills: For Mind, Body & Baby, guided relaxation, meditation & hypnosis tracks (mp3 downloads), printable technique guides (Bonus VBAC guide included), audio and video guides to techniques and educational/learning aides. You will be guided step-by-step through the process of preparing for a calm, confident, welcoming birth experience with email support from Dr Shari Read as needed (Skype sessions also available at an additional cost)

  • Awareness – Beliefs, The Fear/Tension/Pain Syndrome, The Fight or Flight Response, How Fear Affects Labour, How the uterus works, Working with Your Uterus During Labour, Hormonal Activity During Labour, Working with your hormones during labour.
  • Trust – Developing Trust Through Focus, Trust and Hypnosis/Deep Relaxation, Managing Pain During Birthing, Using MInd/Body Communication for the Management of Pain, How to achieve Self-hypnosis, Breath awareness, guided meditation.
  • Work – Breathing Techniques, Basic Physical Relaxation Techniques, Partner’s Tool-Kit, Pre-Natal Bonding, Imagery and Visualisation, Massage, Affirmations, Physical Relaxation, Deepening Techniques, Your Birthing Body, Distraction Practice. BONUS! GUIDED PREGNANCY/PRENATAL YOGA SEQUENCE included.
  • Choices – Birth Choices Worksheet, Choosing a Comfortable Position for Efficient Labour and Birthing, Information relating to Choices and Possible Experiences. Expectations, Intentions, preparing for your own unique and positive birthing experience. BONUS! VBAC GUIDE included.
  • Welcome – Birth Plans and Preferences, Welcome – The Four Stages of Labour. Early parenting (The fourth trimester, the 5 S’s, trouble-shooting, identifying postnatal depression/anxiety)
  • Empowerment Through Natural Therapies, Yoga, and nutrition.