BirthSkills Practitioners are health professionals who have done extra, extensive training in mind/body medicine for pregnancy and birth. Most are also trained, qualified and/or registered as midwives, psychotherapists, psychologists, and/or yoga teachers. All have tertiary (university) level qualifications in a field of expertise related to childbirth.
It makes me happy to know that thanks to you and the BirthSkills classes other women will feel empowered enough to have wonderful birthing experiences and bring into the world calm and happy babies.

Session options:
There are a number of ways you can participate in the BirthSkills Program, private, workshop and online self-paced options are available.
Please contact your local practitioner (see below) to book (prices subject to variation between practitioners/locations).

BirthSkills classes are provided by Certified Practitioners and hosted by the following organisations in locations around Australia :

For face-to-face sessions please contact one of the following practitioners (
online program also available):

New practitioners coming to regional SA, southern Queensland and Melbourne (metro VIC) early 2014!
If you are looking for a local BirthSkills Practitioner you are welcome to contact Shari to find out if there is someone available near you.