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Independent midwives, counsellors and psychotherapists specialising in women’s health, naturopaths, yoga teachers and those with similar qualifications all welcome to apply.
I feel so excited and content with the decision to be undertaking training with you at this point in time. So many things have lead me to now and it feels a pivotal juncture, both personally and professionally.
New BirthSkills Practitioner 2013

BirthSkills: Certified Practitioner Training
ONLINE TRAINING COURSE NOW AVAILABLE! Phone 0407 775 783 or email for more information.

BirthSkills  ® is a comprehensive independent childbirth education program created by Dr Shari Read, an Australian psychotherapist & yoga therapist (trained in mind/body medicine, meditation, yoga & mindfulness). Shari has specialised in preconception, pregnancy & postnatal care since 2003.  Shari is also recognised by the National Association of Childbirth Educators (NACE) as a Certified Trainer.

BirthSkills  ® is a philosophy and an approach to birth and has been running in Australia since its inception in 2003.  Techniques embodied in the BirthSkills Program aim to create a calm, confident, welcoming birth experience for mum, partner and baby.
Read more about the techniques and application of mind/body medicine to childbirth education.

The BirthSkills ® Program draws upon current research in the fields of mind/body medicine and birth as well as using a foundation of knowledge from childbirth education pioneers such as Dr Grantly Dick-Read and Marie Mongan.  Combining best practice childbirth education with the use of evidence-based mind/body techniques, such as meditation, mindfulness, CBT, ACT and the full spectrum of active birth techniques.  These elements are shared with pregnant women and their birth partners in the context of a workshop setting or private sessions.  It is in this setting, the BirthSkills Practitioner seeks to normalize and demystify the process of birth; share strategies to create a calm atmosphere during labour and work through tried and true active birth techniques.

BirthSkills ® as founded by Shari has grown to become a program that is shared by a small team of certified practitioners with birthing women across Australia.  BirthSkills Practitioners are women who come together to share their commitment to empowering birthing women through education and professional support.  Practitioners have diverse backgrounds in fields associated with the provision of quality care to pregnant women including midwives, childbirth educators, naturopaths, yoga teachers, and birth attendants.

Training Requirements
Entry into the BirthSkills Practitioner Training is by prior approval from Dr Shari Read only. An application in writing is required (email) as well as an interviewing process (phone conversation) to assess suitability of the potential practitioner, prior training and qualifications and willingness to adhere to the BirthSkills Practitioners’ Agreement. To initiate this process please email Shari at or phone 0407 775 783.

This is a post-qualification training program, as such, all prospective BirthSkills practitioners are required to be professionally accredited in a related field prior to undertaking the training, ideally, a registered nurse/midwife or properly accredited yoga teacher with experience in prenatal yoga (also with a formal academic/university background to at least degree level).

The BirthSkills Practitioner Training Program certifies practitioners to share the program with clients.  The practitioner training program involves around 50 hours of training including completion of 10 modules which can be done by distance/online:
  • Module 1 Introduction to BirthSkills the program and philosophy;
  • Module 2 Mind/Body Communication: Hypnosis;
  • Module 3 Mind/Body Communication: Relaxation, Meditation & Visualisation;
  • Module 4 Breath & Body;
  • Module 5 Fear Release for birth and parenting;
  • Module 6 Pain Theory & Mind/body communication for management of pain;
  • Module 7 Calm, Confident Birthing – Teaching the BirthSkills Program;
  • Module 8 Calm, Confident Birthing – Using the BirthSkills relaxation & meditation scripts;
  • Module 9 Authenticity and the BirthSkills Practitioner;
  • Module 10 Business Support: Coaching & Development

BirthSkills practitioner training also requires negotiated training/supervision with Dr Shari Read (around12hrs); supervised/mentored facilitation of a BirthSkills Workshop (12hrs); a case study assignment; and evaluation/feedback from 2 couples/women who the new practitioner has provided the full BirthSkills program to (on an individual basis).

BirthSkills Practitioners are expected to:
  • Apply the principles of adult learning and education to their practice;
  • Aim to nurture participants personal growth and development across the continuum of pregnancy, birth and early parenting;
  • Accept their professional responsibilities as childbirth and early parenting educators, including safe practice, privacy and confidentiality.

Certified BirthSkills Practitioners can obtain insurance for their practice through the IICT insurance product provided by OAMPS Insurance Brokers.

Commitment from Dr Shari Read:
Shari is committed to upholding the integrity of the BirthSkills program through quality training that she is directly and personally involved with as well as providing ongoing support and professional development opportunities after training. For further information or to enquire about BirthSkills Practitioner Training please phone Shari on 0407 775 783.

Please note that there are no ongoing financial commitments to being a BirthSkills Practitioner. NO association or joining fees, no obligation to purchase or provide clients with program materials etc. Continued association with BirthSkills, the use of the logo etc is solely at the discretion of the certified practitioner. Further to this, Shari Read reserves the right to deny association with or refuse the right to allow use of the BirthSkills name or logo to any person who, howsoever, jeopardises the integrity of the program or any other aspect of BirthSkills.
I just wanted to touch base with you and tell you how much I’m enjoying the program. I’m up to the CBT/MBCT lecture and it’s great. I love all the resources you include.
New BirthSkills Practitioner, 2013.