Download these useful guides to help you prepare for a calm, welcoming birth (more added regularly):
I have been preparing with BirthSkills and absolutely loving your meditation CDs 🙂 I am feeling strong and positive with trust in my body and the process as it will unfold.


  • Positive Pregnancy Manifesto (as shown above) – printable pdf Pregnancy Manifesto
  • Terminology for a calm, confident, welcoming birth –  the words we use and the way we talk about birth has a huge impact on the way we think and feel about birthing.
  • Affirmations for a calm, confident, welcoming birth – use these simple statements to help calm and reassure yourself that birth is ‘do-able’, it is manageable and it can be a wonderfully positive experience. DOWNLOAD
  • Rapid Relaxation Technique – this technique should be in everyone’s toolbox, pregnant or not! Easy, quick and amazingly effective relaxation technique (audio version available in online course). DOWNLOAD
  • Tips to prepare your body for birthing – a simple stretching routine for use during pregnancy DOWNLOADClick through for a simple pregnancy yoga sequence (video coming soon)
  • Many more downloadable resources available in the BirthSkills online course


See also for more free guided meditations and yoga sequences to download.