Blog: –PregnancyLabour & BirthParenting In this blog Shari writes about her approach to childbirth education, experiences with the techniques, life as a mother, stress, relaxation, meditation and drinking wine.
Choose to focus on the positive, to listen to women with positive birthing stories and to be supported by someone who also believes that birthing can be calm and welcoming.
Dr Shari Read
As well as authoring BirthSkills: For Mind, Body and Baby, Dr Shari Read has been published and featured in numerous childbirth and parenting magazines over the years. Example articles include:
  • Hypnosis for Birth – My Child; Practical Pregnancy; Essence (pdf – Hypnosis for birth  )
  • Birthing as a childbirth professional – Cosmopolitan Pregnancy
  • The facts and myths of a calm birth – Practical Parenting
  • Meditation for Pregnancy and Birth – Interaction (pdf – Meditation in Pregnancy)
  • Mindfulness and Birth – Interaction (pdf – Mindfulness for Pregnancy)
  • Parenting Styles (‘suck it up’ vs ‘helicopter’ parents) – My Child
  • 3D Breathing for Pregnancy & Birth – My Child
  • and a very early (2004) HypnoBirthing article in Practical Pregnancy (pdf – amazingbirth2)
Shari also writes about yoga and mediation here at and for the online magazine