Meditation brings with it incredible awareness which works at a very subtle level. As your conscious mind is busy trying not to think or focusing on your breathing, your subconscious mind is working through more important issues, clearing away the trivia of the day and sorting through your memories and beliefs to find more useful and beneficial ways of thinking.

    Meditation will help you explore your inner self, your true nature; and establish a connection with your baby that is impossible to explain. This connection can bring with it an amazing sense of well-being, ‘knowing’ that your baby is strong and safe.

    Meditation puts you in tune with your baby and your body as you prepare for birth and motherhood.

    Meditation during pregnancy is a great way to make you stronger emotionally and mentally. With the help of meditation, you can gain the ability to manage pain during pregnancy and in labour.

    When a pregnant mum is properly prepared; mentally, physically and spiritually, she can experience the birth of her baby in a way that mirrors nature. The essence of achieving a calm and peaceful birth is letting go of fear and tension that produce pain in childbirth.

    Meditation and self-hypnosis calm the body and mind, enabling the nervous system to function at an optimum, producing a healthy dose of natural ‘pain-killers’. Chemicals such as endorphins counteract the adverse activity in our system, brought on by fear, tension stress and anxiety, the major cause of pain in labour.

    Scientific studies show that our brain waves also slow down during self-hypnosis and meditation, the predominance of Alpha and Theta waves signify a state of restfulness and deep relaxation, where the mind is alert but not strained or confused. These waves appear almost as soon as the body starts to relax, increasing in frequency as the process deepens, allowing clearer and more constructive inner focus.

    Regular meditation during pregnancy and after birth while nurturing your baby, encourages the body to increase secretions of particular mood-altering chemicals. One of these, serotonin, is a powerful hormone that is associated with feelings of happiness and contentment which may help many mums avoid pre-natal and post-natal depression. Recent medical research suggests that the release of ‘feel good’ hormones during relaxation are a contributing factor in having a calm and content baby after birth.

    Download : Meditation for pregnancy class 1 handout (pdf)