Congratulations!  Your book covers information which most other birth education classes/books don’t. The information about fear, tension and pain, an understanding of beliefs and mindset, how the uterine muscles work with hormones.  I think this info is vital and often not even mentioned.  
Karen, Professional Childbirth Educator.
The whole experience was fantastic and we used your CD nearly constantly throughout labour. It was great, thanks so much.
Jess used the BirthSkills: Guided relaxation and hypnosis CD

BirthSkills: For Mind, Body & Baby

$35.00 Book (hardcopy)

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BirthSkills: For Mind, Body & Baby (2012) has been written by Dr Shari Read, a mum, yoga therapist and Buddhist psychotherapist with a strong background in mind/body medicine and natural therapies. The 5 sections of the book cover the full BirthSkills birth preparation program explaining the physiology of birth, fear release, natural pain management, breathing, self-hypnosis, relaxation techniques, massage and other things for partners to do, birthing preferences and also covers plan ‘b’ and how to have a positive birthing experience even when special circumstances arise. BirthSkills childbirth preparation is for Mums and Dads who would like to make their baby’s Birth-Day a gentle, welcoming transition from the womb to the world. An informative and practical guide to preparing for a calm, confident and welcoming childbirth experience.
From the author: In BirthSkills: For Mind, Body & Baby I offer an explanation of what is happening in the physical body during labour, including detailed explanation of the working of the uterus and then move on to explain the various ways in which you can work WITH your body during the process, both physically and emotionally. Throughout the book I offer tips and suggestions for birthing partners, ways to work cooperatively and collaboratively with care providers and an approach to medical assistance that avoids feelings of failure and disappointment and focuses on the end goal: health mum, healthy bub. As a psychotherapist, I have written the book with resilience in mind, offering ways of approaching labour and birth feeling strong and calm, increasing resistance to post-natal depression and emotional disturbance. As a mum, I have written the book in a way that I feel is easy to digest, with a ‘take what you want and leave the rest’ sentiment throughout.
Examples of techniques explained in the book: physical relaxation, breathing, positioning, affirmations, self-hypnosis, visualization, massage, water. Scripts for guided relaxation and self-hypnosis are included.

BirthSkills: For Mind, Body & Baby (book) $35.00 ($7.50 postage)

BirthSkills – Guided relaxation and hypnosis for childbirth preparation (CD/mp3)

$25.00 CD

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The BirthSkills CD (hypnosis for birth) has been designed to help you learn and achieve physical relaxation as well as helping you to prepare emotionally for welcoming your baby.
The tracks on this CD are discussed in the book BirthSkills: For Mind, Body & Baby and the two (book & CD) are complimentary and work together as a complete childbirth preparation program.
The benefits of physical relaxation during pregnancy are great and it is important to practice physical relaxation as often as possible. The scripts offer you imagery for use during labour and birthing. There is also a fear release script to help you ensure a calm and confident birthing. Female, Australian voice of Dr Shari Read.
Tracks include: Gentle Surge Relaxation, Mind/Body Connection, Calming Fear Release, Birthing Affirmations (approx running time 1hr 20 mins).

The BirthSkills CD ($25.00 + $2.50 postage)

Mind Body Baby – Pregnancy Meditation (CD/mp3)

$25.00 CD

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These four guided meditations for pregnancy will help you develop awareness and a connection with your baby as you prepare for birth and motherhood. The benefits of meditation during pregnancy include stress reduction by increasing alpha wave activity in the brain, pain management through focused awareness and endocrine stimulation, and relaxation by activating the parasympathetic nervous system; all contributing to a calmer mum and bub. Tracks include: Body, Breath, Baby, Wisdom (running time approx 1hr 14mins)

Mind Body Baby (CD) ($25.00 + $2.50 postage)
I have been really enjoying the book and cd’s since I got them. I can’t believe how much I didn’t know about birth!